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Western union near south point casino

western union near south point casino

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Also, the climate of the West is quite unstable, as areas that are normally wet can be very dry for years and vice versa.

The seasonal temperatures vary greatly throughout the West. Low elevations on the West Coast have warm summers and mild winters with little to no snow.

The desert southwest has very hot summers and mild winters. While the mountains in the southwest receive generally large amounts of snow.

The Inland Northwest has a continental climate of warm to hot summers and cold to bitter cold winters. Annual rainfall is greater in the eastern portions, gradually tapering off until reaching the Pacific Coast where it increases again.

In fact, the greatest annual rainfall in the United States falls in the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest. Drought is much more common in the West than the rest of the United States.

The driest place recorded in the U. Violent thunderstorms occur east of the Rockies. Tornadoes occur every spring on the southern plains, with the most common and most destructive centered on Tornado Alley , which covers eastern portions of the West, Texas to North Dakota , and all states in between and to the east.

Agriculture varies depending on rainfall, irrigation, soil, elevation, and temperature extremes. The arid regions generally support only livestock grazing, chiefly beef cattle.

The wheat belt extends from Texas through The Dakotas , producing most of the wheat and soybeans in the U.

Irrigation in the Southwest allows the growing of great quantities of fruits, nuts, and vegetables as well as grain, hay, and flowers.

Texas is a major cattle and sheep raising area, as well as the nation's largest producer of cotton. Washington is famous for its apples, and Idaho for its potatoes.

California and Arizona are major producers of citrus crops, although growing metropolitan sprawl is absorbing much of this land.

Local and state government officials started to understand, after several surveys made during the latter part of the 19th century, that only action by the federal government could provide water resources needed to support the development of the West [ citation needed ].

Starting in , Congress passed a series of acts authorizing the establishment of the United States Bureau of Reclamation to oversee water development projects in seventeen western states.

During the first half of the 20th century, dams and irrigation projects provided water for rapid agricultural growth throughout the West and brought prosperity for several states, where agriculture had previously only been subsistence level.

The population growth, mostly in the Southwest states of New Mexico , Utah , Colorado , Arizona , and Nevada , has strained water and power resources, with water diverted from agricultural uses to major population centers, such as the Las Vegas Valley and Los Angeles.

Plains make up much of the eastern portion of the West, underlain with sedimentary rock from the Upper Paleozoic , Mesozoic , and Cenozoic eras.

The Rocky Mountains expose igneous and metamorphic rock both from the Precambrian and from the Phanerozoic eon. The Inter-mountain States and Pacific Northwest have huge expanses of volcanic rock from the Cenozoic era.

Salt flats and salt lakes reveal a time when the great inland seas covered much of what is now the West. The Pacific states are the most geologically active areas in the United States.

Earthquakes cause damage every few to several years in California. While the Pacific states are the most volcanically active areas, extinct volcanoes and lava flows are found throughout most of the West.

The Western United States has been populated by Native Americans since at least 11, years ago, when the first Paleo-Indians arrived. Pre-Columbian trade routes to kingdoms and empires such as the Mound Builders existed in places such as Yellowstone National Park since around AD.

Major settlement of the western territories developed rapidly in the s, largely through the Oregon Trail and the California Gold Rush of California experienced such a rapid growth in a few short months that it was admitted to statehood in without the normal transitory phase of becoming an official territory.

One of the largest migrations in American history occurred in the s as the Latter Day Saints left the Midwest to build a theocracy in Utah. Both Omaha, Nebraska and St.

Louis, Missouri laid claim to the title, "Gateway to the West" during this period. Louis built itself upon the vast fur trade in the West before its settlement.

The s were marked by political battles over the expansion of slavery into the western territories, issues leading to the Civil War.

The history of the American West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries has acquired a cultural mythos in the literature and cinema of the United States.

The image of the cowboy , the homesteader , and westward expansion took real events and transmuted them into a myth of the west which has shaped much of American popular culture since the late 19th century.

Writers as diverse as Bret Harte and Zane Grey celebrated or derided cowboy culture, while artists such as Frederic Remington created western art as a method of recording the expansion into the west.

The American cinema , in particular, created the genre of the western movie , which, in many cases, use the West as a metaphor for the virtue of self-reliance and an American ethos.

The contrast between the romanticism of culture about the West and the actuality of the history of the westward expansion has been a theme of late 20th and early 21st century scholarship about the West.

Cowboy culture has become embedded in the American experience as a common cultural touchstone, and modern forms as diverse as country and western music have celebrated the sense of isolation and independence of spirit inspired by the frontiersmen on virgin land.

The advent of the automobile enabled the average American to tour the West. Western businessmen promoted Route 66 as a means to bring tourism and industry to the West.

In the s, representatives from all the western states built the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center to showcase western culture and greet travelers from the East.

During the latter half of the 20th century, several transcontinental interstate highways crossed the West bringing more trade and tourists from the East.

Oil boom towns in Texas and Oklahoma rivaled the old mining camps for their rawness and wealth. The Dust Bowl forced children of the original homesteaders even further west.

The movies became America's chief entertainment source featuring western fiction, later the community of Hollywood in Los Angeles became the headquarters of the mass media such as radio and television production.

California has emerged as the most populous state and one of the top 10 economies in the world. Four more metropolitan areas of San Bernardino - Riverside , San Diego , Denver , Phoenix , and Seattle have over a million residents, while the three fastest growing metro areas were the Salt Lake City metropolitan area , the Las Vegas metropolitan area ; and the Portland metropolitan area.

Although there has been segregation , along with accusations of racial profiling and police brutality towards minorities due to issues such as illegal immigration and a racial shift i.

White flight and now black flight in neighborhood demographics, sometimes leading to racially based riots i.

The state of Utah has a Mormon majority estimated at In remote areas there are settlements of Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians.

Facing both the Pacific Ocean and the Mexican border, the West has been shaped by a variety of ethnic groups.

Hawaii is the only state in the union in which Asian Americans outnumber white American residents. Asians from many countries have settled in California and other coastal states in several waves of immigration since the 19th century, contributing to the Gold Rush , the building of the transcontinental railroad, agriculture, and more recently, high technology.

The border states— California , Arizona , New Mexico , and Texas —and other southwestern states such as Colorado , Utah , and Nevada all have large Hispanic populations, and the many Spanish place names attest to their history as former Spanish and Mexican territories.

Mexican-Americans have also had a growing population in Northwestern states of Oregon and Washington , as well as the southern states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Alaska —the northernmost state in the Union—is a vast land of few people, many of them native, and of great stretches of wilderness, protected in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Hawaii's location makes it a major gateway between the United States and Asia , as well as a center for tourism. In the Pacific Coast states, the wide areas filled with small towns, farms, and forests are supplemented by a few big port cities which have evolved into world centers for the media and technology industries.

Now the second largest city in the nation, Los Angeles is best known as the home of the Hollywood film industry; the area around Los Angeles also was a major center for the aerospace industry by World War II , though Boeing, located in Washington State would lead the aerospace industry.

Fueled by the growth of Los Angeles , as well as the San Francisco Bay area , including Silicon Valley , the center of America's high tech industry, California has become the most populous of all the 50 states.

Oregon and Washington have also seen rapid growth with the rise of Boeing and Microsoft along with agriculture and resource based industries.

The desert and mountain states have relatively low population densities, and developed as ranching and mining areas which are only recently becoming urbanized.

Most of them have highly individualistic cultures, and have worked to balance the interests of urban development, recreation, and the environment.

Culturally distinctive points include the large Mormon population in the Mormon Corridor , including southeastern Idaho , Utah , Northern Arizona , and Nevada ; the extravagant casino resort towns of Las Vegas and Reno , Nevada ; and the numerous American Indian tribal reservations.

Historically, the West was the first region to see widespread women's suffrage , with women casting votes in Utah and Wyoming as early as , five decades before the 19th Amendment was ratified by the nation.

California birthed both the property rights and conservation movements , and spawned such phenomena as the Taxpayer Revolt and the Berkeley Free Speech Movement.

It has also produced three presidents: The prevalence of libertarian political attitudes is widespread. For example, the majority of Western states have legalized medicinal marijuana all but Utah and Wyoming and some forms of gambling except Utah ; Oregon , Washington , and Montana have legalized physician-assisted suicide ; most rural counties in Nevada allow licensed brothels, and voters in Alaska , Colorado , Nevada , California , Oregon , and Washington have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

Seattle has historically been a center of radical left-wing politics. One of the Democratic leaders of the Congress is from the region: The state of Nevada is considered a political bellwether, having correctly voted for every president except twice in and since New Mexico too is considered a bellwether, having voted for the popular vote winner in every presidential election since statehood, except in The state of Arizona has been won by the Republican presidential candidate in every election except one since , while the states of Idaho , Utah , and Wyoming have been won by the Republican presidential candidate in every election since Wyoming , Idaho , and Utah have been some of the country's most Republican states.

As the fastest-growing demographic group, after Asians , Latinos are hotly contested by both parties. Immigration is an important political issue for this group.

Backlash against illegal aliens led to the passage of California Proposition in , a ballot initiative which would have denied many public services to illegal aliens.

Association of this proposal with California Republicans, especially incumbent governor Pete Wilson , drove many Hispanic voters to the Democrats.

The Western United States consistently ranks well in health measures. The rate of potentially preventable hospitalizations in the Western United States was consistently lower than other regions from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the similarly named airline, see America West Airlines. For the television show, see The American West. For the part of Poland, see Recovered Territories.

For the western territories of other countries and continents, see West disambiguation. Western Pennsylvania is home to more than two dozen institutions of higher learning, including those listed below.

Seminaries are not listed. Western Pennsylvania is distinctive from the rest of the state due to several important and complex factors:.

Pittsburgh boasts three major league sports teams: Erie and Johnstown both have junior ice hockey teams as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Clockwise from top left: Pittsburgh , Erie , Altoona , and Johnstown. American Indian villages were located throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Kittanning still uses its American Indian name , while the town of Sawcunk lies on the site of present-day Rochester, Pennsylvania.

List of counties in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania portal Pittsburgh portal Erie portal. Geographic Names Information System.

United States Geological Survey. Senator John Heinz History Center. Retrieved 20 June Chartiers Collins Liberty Lower St. Clair Sterrett Union Township.

List of corporations in Pittsburgh. Pirates Wild Things Panthers Dukes. A's Bankers Cougars Duquesne Ft. Beadling Cannons Hurricanes Phantoms Spirit.

Tunnels and bridges in Pittsburgh.

south point western casino near union -

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Julians offers more gaming positions than any other with 29 tables, slots, and a 10 table poker room. The casino opened in The Casino at Portomaso is also in St.

Juliens and offers poker tournament space for up to 1, during big events, as well as slots and 14 table games. Paul's Bay and offers a vast array of games over their 15 tables along with slots, video poker, and virtual horse racing.

To explore the casinos of Malta please see our gambling guide here. Monte Carlo is the place of casino legends as well as myths like James Bond and represents the ultimate in allure and intrigue for the romantic gambler.

The word, "Opulence" doesn't begin to describe the luxurious setting. Be sure to play some punto banco Baccarat here so you'll have no regrets later.

Cafe de Paris is a modern casino with two open-air terraces for gaming so that gamblers can enjoy a night breeze on the French Riviera.

Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Casino is contemporary and features multiple venues and attractions such as a private beach and separate beach club.

Sun Casino at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo offers a full range of table games and slot machines. If you'd like to explore more of the history of Monaco and find out why Monte Carlo is so well-known please see our Monaco gambling guide.

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe where many of the 17 million citizens have a healthy appetite for gambling. You will find over casinos spread throughout nearly cities from Bergen op Zoom in the south to Groningen in the north of Holland as well as Rotterdam , The Hague , Amsterdam , and all points between and beyond.

There are 14 full casinos and the balance offers a variety of poker, bingo games, slots and other electronic games. Holland Casino is the purveyor of traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and punto banco as well as slots and poker.

Holland Casino Rotterdam is the biggest casino in the Netherlands with table games, electronic gaming machines, and 8 poker tables.

In Amsterdam, you'll find a dozen casinos offering electronics and poker along with Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Lucky Jack runs for casino there including Lucky Jack — Buikslotermeerplein. The Dutch love to gamble. To learn more about what they have to offer please visit our gambling guide here.

Gambling in Norway is mostly an illegal activity except under certain circumstances. The government maintains a gambling monopoly through two agencies.

Norsk Tipping offers sports betting, Keno, scratch cards, and a lottery draw game. Norsk Ristoko administers race betting. Poker games at home are allowed under the law as long as the game doesn't operate as a business.

All true slot machines were banned in and replaced by IVTs interactive video terminals in Players must use a special card to play the games.

Players must commit to a budget before playing, take breaks at certain intervals, etc. To learn more about gambling in Norway please see our gambling guide.

Portugal is located on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe. It shares a border with Spain and has shores on the Atlantic Ocean.

There are about a dozen casinos in Portugal. Five of the casinos are operated by Solverde Group , in the Portuguese hospitality business since All of the casinos are located on or near the coast on the west side of the country.

Casino Estoril in Lisbon is touted as the largest casino in all of Europe. By area, the gaming floor only covers 26, square feet, but the casino holds 1, gaming machines and 35 table games.

In addition to poker and slots, most casinos offer blackjack, roulette, and punto banco, but most also offer games with local color and flavor such as the high-paced 3 dice game of Banca Francesa.

To learn more about these and other casinos or to explore attractions and lodging opportunities in Portugal please visit our gambling guide here.

San Marino is a landlocked sovereign state surrounded by Italy. The entire country has an area of less than 25 square miles and a population of just over 30, San Marino reportedly gained independence from the Roman Empire over 1, years ago and has remained a sovereign state to this day.

Casino gambling was legalized in the late s but was later banned by the government when it came under communist rule temporarily in the s.

The Giochi del Titano casino there is located near the northeastern border with Cerasolo Italy just off Strada Statale Slovakia is bordered by Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.

In May , the capital city of Bratislava voted for an absolute ban on casinos there. However, casinos will only close as their licenses expire.

The last to close will be Banco Casino in the Crowne Plaza hotel in There are about 20 casinos in the country with 7 casinos in Bratislava.

Other cities with casinos include Nitra, Trnava, Zilina, and Zvolen among others. Casino Admiral Bratislava is in the northeast section of town and offers gaming machines and 11 tables, a restaurant and bar.

On the other side of town, you will find Rebuy Stars Casino Bratislava with slots and electronic roulette. There are also Casino Admiral locations in Nitra and Trnava.

To read more about all of the gaming options in Slovakia please see our gambling guide. Spain has a long, rich history of gambling going back over years.

Skill-based gaming was authorized in the 's and slots in There are more than 60 casinos in Spain, but most of the nearly , slots lie outside of the actual casinos in bars and taverns.

Another casino that is grand for more than its gaming is Casino Peralada in Girona. The casino in a midth-century castle built outside the walls of an earlier set of a dynasty is a major attraction.

For nightlife it's got to be Ibizi or Marbella in southern Spain. If you'd like to explore more of the casinos of Spain, please see our gambling guide.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen, although not a country, has a statistical designation as a place and for such purposes, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are combined by the International Organization for Standardization into a single category ISO even though they are administered separately.

Svalbard is an Arctic Ocean archipelago which is under the full sovereignty of Norway, subject to a treaty.

There are no permanent residents of Jan Mayen. There are no casinos in either of these areas, but researchers could use satellite communications to play a few slots while posted there.

Sweden offers citizens visitors multiple ways to gamble from the state-owned lottery Penning Lotteriet in existence since to the four land-based casinos, the first of which, Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall opened in in a refurbished train station circa Players must be 18 to gamble online, play the lottery, or spin slots.

In order to play casino games you must be All of the country's casinos are state-owned by Svenska Spel and operated by subsidiary Casino Cosmopol.

All profits are claimed by the national treasury of Sweden. Although the casinos are highly regulated, games like blackjack and slots can be found at pubs and ferries all over the country, with those slots getting very little action.

All of them offer regular local and national poker tournaments. Poker is not allowed in bars and pubs. Casino Cosmopol Stockholm was the last of the casinos to open in It is also the biggest casino in terms of gaming offers.

The Stockholm casino has 46 tables and slot machines. All of the casino present locally relevant architecture. If you want to know more about gambling in Sweden please see our gambling guide.

Switzerland is bordered by France, Italy, and Germany. Gambling has been allowed since , so all of the country's 20 casinos are relatively modern.

They are spread out around the country with several in the interior. Poker is popular in Switzerland and most casinos offer the games. Casino Interlaken Kursaal in the Bernese Oberland mountain region of central Switzerland offers another experience altogether for those who venture out during the day.

Swiss Casino - Zurich is the largest casino in the country with table games, poker, and slots and video poker machines. Many casinos including Gran Casino Bern , offer Europe's largest tax-free jackpot with their progressive Swiss Jackpot.

Gamblers must be at least Opening hours and dress codes vary greatly from property to property, as do opening hours.

To learn more about casinos in Switzerland please see our gambling guide here. Citizens of the United Kingdom are well known for their want to have a flutter, and none more so than the British.

There are over 1, betting shops in London alone. The most legendary area for casinos in London is Mayfair, home to the legendary Ritz Club located in iconic Piccadilly Street.

And then there is Crockfords Club. The first casino in Great Britain was River Casino on the Thames and the first land casino opened in Brighton in It was known as Metropole Brighton.

But gambling is not confined to England. For a complete list of UK casinos by country visit our gambling guide here. Vatican City is a city-state completely surrounded by Rome, Italy.

It is the home of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. Gambling is not allowed in Vatican City. However, international oddsmakers do occasionally post betting lines related to Vatican City events, such as who the next Pope will be.

Oddsmakers have very poor prognostication skills when it comes to such rare events so you may be able to pick up odds as lucrative as However, our suggestion would be to explore some of the richly historic gambling venues of Italy proper.

Please click here to read our Italy gambling guide. Canada is a sparsely populated North American country situated above the United States on the map.

Casinos in the country are usually owned by provincial lottery corporations in association with private business, or by First Nation tribes.

Canadian residents and visitors will find casinos from the Pacific coastal province of British Columbia in the west to the most easterly province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In addition to more than casinos, there are also more than 20 horse racing tracks in Canada. Several of the facilities also host slot parlors.

Lottery corporations also authorize sports betting outlets province by province. Check out all of the ways to gamble in Canada by reading our gambling guide here.

Greenland is an autonomous Danish territory comprising a very large island mostly exhibiting coastlines with fjords situated between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Most of the people there live on the coasts where the ice-free land is to be found. As a rule, the government does not translate their laws into English so it is unclear if casinos are legal or not.

However, no casinos are to be found in Greenland. This could be due to a lack of much of a tourist economy in the country, other economic barriers, or legal issues.

Mexico is in North America situated between the U. Known for ancient ruins and Spanish colonial-era towns the country is also famous for a diverse landscape including deserts, jungles, mountains, and beaches along the Pacific Gulf of Mexico coastlines.

Casinos were outlawed in Mexico in but authorized again in Visitors will find over casinos in Mexico, but most of them are small electronic bingo and server controlled slot parlors for the most part, with only a few truly opulent venues of good size anywhere in the country.

To learn more about the casinos of Mexico please visit our Mexico gambling guide. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a French overseas collectivity on an archipelago south of Canadia's Newfoundland island.

Only about 6, people live there, and there are no casinos on any of the islands or islets. The island's location has occasionally made it strategically important in times of war and it has traded hands several times.

The archipelago was also an important transfer point for Canadian whiskey destined for the United States during alcohol prohibition.

The island plunged into economic depression with the end of the alcohol ban in The United States of America has more casinos than any other country in the world.

Almost half of the US states offer commercial casinos and even more states have Native American casinos located on tribal lands. Slot machines can be found in virtually every casino in the United States and were invented in the U.

Las Vegas , Nevada is known all over the world as the birthplace of modern gambling. Sin City also introduced the integrated resort experience to draw family and business visitors.

World class entertainment, dining, nightlife, accommodations, and meeting facilities are now the standard for gambling hubs everywhere. To learn more about gambling in the country and to explore nearly 2, licensed casinos there please see our United States gambling guide.

Argentina is a South American country with a passion for gambling. With well over casinos and gambling halls spread over 10 seperate corridors, visitors will find everything from punto banco to video slots and all things in between.

From the magnificent Trilenium Casino in Tigre with over , sq ft of gaming floor to the iconic Casino Central in Mar del Plata with it's stunning architecture which opened in , gamblers needs are met with a fervor.

Casinos in Argentina offer all of the games you would expect to find in a place like Las Vegas as well as casino cruise ships, horse racing, bingo and lotteries.

For in-depth reading about all of the gambling opportunities in Argentina see our gambling guide here. Bolivia is a central South American country with diverse geography including an Amazon Basin rain forest, the Atacama Desert, Altiplano plateau, and the Andes Mountains.

The country has a thriving underground gambling culture due to any form of gambling being illegal from until Casinos were finally authorized in and the Gaming Control Board was established in Electronic bingo rooms and other pseudo-casinos thrive under lottery operator Lotex S.

The Moscow-based firm operates over 1, venues, mostly in eastern Europe but also in Africa, Peru, Mexico, and Bolivia.

To learn more about gambling in Bolivia please see our gambling guide here. Brazil is an enormous South American country with an area of 3,, square miles.

Casinos have been banned in Brazil since and the country's bingo halls were shut down in over concerns of organized crime and money laundering.

Brazilian law currently allows federal lotteries and horse race betting. Casinos may be coming to Brazil as the government wrestles with a recession that has lasted over a quarter of a century.

If legislation is approved it could open one of the most important new gambling markets in history. Stay tuned to news on important developments and read more about gambling in Brazil in our gambling guide.

Chile has 17 casinos operating under Law No. Another 7 tenders for true casinos are authorized under a law and 7 more municipal casinos were recently brought under the superintendent's authority.

In there were 24 casinos in operation. A recent study by the government showed over 30, illegal machines in various slot parlors and electronic gaming venues outside of the casinos.

The Sun Monticello Casino which opened in about 45 minutes away from Santiago is the largest casino in the country and is part of a 5 star hotel, spa, and nightclub complex with ten gourmet restaurants.

All of the casinos are on or near the Pacific Coast of Chile offering easy access to beaches, sunshine, and outdoor activities. For a complete rundown on casinos and other gaming in Chile please see our gambling guide here.

Colombia has come into its own over the last decade or so and now the country hosts several high quality casinos. Although spread over at least 25 villages and cities, Bogota has more casinos than any other city.

New modern venues are being opened in places like Cartagena as well. The Caribbean coastal atmosphere and attractive city spanning old and new, plus a good population of tourists and locals make Cartegena the new go-to city in Columbia for gambling.

Codere Group's Crown Casino Zona T in Bogota is a magnificent casino with all the gaming and entertainment one could expect spread over more than 40, sq ft and five levels.

In Cartegena Sun Nao Casino is a must-go place for gamblers to enjoy casino gaming. Inside the Nao shopping center visitors will find a 5-star hotel, cinemas, dining, and more.

To learn more about all of the gaming opportunities in Columbia see our gambling guide. Casinos operated in Ecuador from until when they were banned by presidential decree after a narrowly defeated voter referendum.

However, the underground casino economy only contributes to money laundering and in March of the country was placed on the US government's blacklist of top offenders in its annual report on drug trafficking and financial crimes.

The May , inauguration of a new president is not expected to change things. For more history on gambling in Ecuador please see our gambling guide here.

The population hovers below 3, residents and there is no regulated gambling there. The largest city and capital, Stanley, holds two-thirds of the British Overseas Territory's inhabitants.

Great Britain invaded the Falklands in The war is memorialized in a museum there. French Guiana is situated on the northeastern coast of South America.

The capital city of Cayenne is resplendent with colorful houses and colonial architecture. As an overseas region of France, it is subject to French gambling law, and although it is technically possible for casinos to be licensed there, it is not very likely any ever will be.

Guyana , not to be confused with the French overseas region of French Guiana, is a Caribbean identifying sovereign nation situated on the mainland of South America in the north.

It is separated from French Guiana by Suriname and shares its other borders with Venezuela and Brazil. There are no casinos in Guyana and precious few in any of its neighboring countries.

Many tourist attracting countries have a casino component and beautiful Paraguay is nor exception. Shops, grocers, and pharmacies were banned from offering machines in late to keep under-aged gambling to a minimum.

Amabay Hotel Casino offers complete casino gaming including poker. Hotel and Casino Acaray in Del Este offers 4-star accommodations and a nice casino.

To see all of the casinos in Paraguay be sure to visit our gambling guide here. Peru is literally littered with hundreds of seedy little slots parlors that most visitors would be advised to stay away from.

The country also has a lot of legitimate casinos offering blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and more. There are several truly high-class venues and gamblers will feel safe in any of the more popular places.

Until Sun Dreams brings a true Las Vegas experience to Peru there are still some quality casinos to try your luck in.

While in the neighborhood the Atlantic City Casino is just down the street and offers over machines, 31 tables and a non-smoking poker room upstairs.

To learn more about gambling in Peru and see all of the casinos, please see our gambling guide. Suriname is often forgotten when thinking of South America.

With a rich history and melting pot population, there are also problems there with governments issuing travel advisories. But, if you are an adventurer, the smallest country on the continent may appeal to you with vast tropical rain forests, 17th Century Dutch architecture, and of course, casinos.

The casinos of Suriname are located in the capital city of Paramaribo. All offer accommodation services. The Torarica Hotel has a small casino, and there are a handful of other options.

For a complete list of Suriname casinos please visit our gambling guide here. Although Uruguay is small 68, sq mi and about half of the country's population lives in Montevideo, the country packs a lot of casino excitement into its small space as casinos are scattered throughout the countryside with a minor concentration in the capital city.

For more information on casinos and gambling in Uruguay see our gambling guide. Venezuela was once one of the most powerful growing economies in the world, let alone South America, but economic pressures and political strife have made it a place not likely to be visited by many casino patrons.

American Samoa is a U. Territory in the South Pacific Ocean that comprises 7 islands and atolls. The capital, Pago Pago is on the largest island, Tutuila.

There are no casinos on any of the islands but cruise ships entering the Pago Pago Seaport may offer gambling when in international waters.

Visitors to the nearby country of Samoa will find casino gambling. Australians love to gamble whether on sports or casino games and the casino population of the huge country reflects that fact.

Including the various pokie parlors or slot halls we count about places to have a flutter. To explore all of the casinos and gambling opportunities down under see our gambling guide here.

Most of the Australian territory is covered by a national park with wetlands and waterfalls drawing hikers into the rainforest there.

Snorkeling and diving reefs ring the island. It is also home to the former Christmas Island Resort, or Christmas Island Casino that operated for 4 years beginning in There were rumblings of a potential reopening of the casino in but as of late nothing has come to pass.

There are 27 islands altogether in 2 coral atolls. The main islands are dubbed Home Island and West Island. Some of the uninhabited islands require permission for access.

Coconuts are the territory's only cash crop. There are no casinos in the Cocos Keeling Islands. The country comprises 15 islands that are scattered far and wide over 1,, square kilometers , sq mi of the ocean.

Tourism is the country's main industry with about , visitors each year. Online and land based gambling is legal in the country, but locals are opposed to casino development and there are no casinos on the Cook Islands.

It occupies about half of the island of Timor, the other half is part of Indonesia. There are no casinos in East Timor as of but there are rumors of a major development that could include a casino at Atauro being planned in secrecy.

Fiji is a tropical paradise located in the South Pacific Ocean comprising about individual islands. Most of the population is centered on the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The capital, Suva, is located on Vanua Levu. Efforts to bring a casino to Fiji have been underway for some time but were tied up in the courts for years.

French Polynesia comprises over islands in multiple South Pacific archipelagos. Visitors come to experience the vivid turquoise lagoons ringed by coral and to sleep in bungalows that are placed over the water.

There is no organized gambling in French Polynesia. Guam is a U. It offers one of the most equable climates on earth, meaning that temperatures on the tropical island remain consistent all year long.

Pachinko games and betting on greyhound races are legal. Up until summer , small casinos were set up at festivals and fairs but have since been banned.

The nearest casinos are about miles away in Saipan. Kiribati is an equatorial island nation in the Central Pacific comprised of more than 30 coral atolls, isles, and islets disbursed over more than a million square miles of ocean.

Kiribati gained independence from the UK in There are no organized gambling activities or casinos in Kiribati. The area was used by the US military for testing nuclear bombs including a hydrogen bomb test in There are no casinos in the Marshall Islands.

Micronesia , or more specifically, the Federated States of Micronesia is a country in the western Pacific Ocean that is made up of over islands.

Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, and Yap make up the four states. The Federated States of Micronesia should not be confused with the subregion of Oceania Micronesia that includes the federated states.

The Micronesia sub region includes four other independent nations and three U. As is the case with many Pacific island realms, there is almost always chatter of potential Chinese casino resort development.

Pohnpei and Yap have been mentioned throughout the years as being under consideration for development. Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an independent island nation located in Micronesia.

Nauru is the third smallest nation in the world by area with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller. It is also the smallest state in the South Pacific.

Formerly a source of phosphates for Australia and others, the resources have been exhausted and Nauru was forced to act as a detention center for Australia in order to receive aid.

It has also been known as a tax haven and money laundering center. There are no casinos on Nauru. New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France located in the southwest Pacific with legal gambling.

There are two casinos on the archipelago. The official language is French and they use their own local currency pegged to the euro at a rate of 1, CFP: To learn more about gambling in New Caledonia or to read casino profiles please see our gambling guide here.

New Zealand has six casinos, most of them operated by the Skycity Entertainment Group. Unlike most jurisdictions, in New Zealand, the minimum legal age to enter a casino is 20 years.

The first casino opened in and the Gambling Act of codified regulations that are mostly concerned with operators.

Most winnings, except for poker, are not taxed in New Zealand. And finally, they own Christchurch Casino. For something a little different head up to Dunedin.

For full details on all the casinos in New Zealand including booking information for lodging, please see our gambling guide here. Niue is a Pacific island nation near Tonga.

It is one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth, meaning the interior is covered by land rather than being a lagoon.

Visitors can walk through fossilized coral forests to arrive at ancient chasms in the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area. There are no gambling facilities in Niue.

It is a commonwealth of Australia and formerly an Australian racing jurisdiction. In late the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority was closed after giving a wagering license to one of the largest illegal online betting operators in Asia.

It is unclear if horse racing, which only occurred twice each year on the island, will continue. Only a few of the islands are populated and in the past casinos have been located on Tinian and Rota.

Imperial Pacific opened Best Sunshine Live , a temporary casino, in and the property consistently outperformed even Macau in VIP chip roll per table.

To learn more about gambling in the CNMI please see our gambling guide here. Palau is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is part of the Micronesia region.

Estimates of the number of islands in the country range from to depending on the source. There are between and uninhabited Rock Islands or Chelbacheb in the western part of the Caroline Islands chain.

The population is estimated to be under 20, and about two-thirds live on Koror. There is no organized gambling in Palau.

The last bill died without a reading in The capital, Port Moresby, has been the home to at least two casinos in the past but as of none seem to be in operation.

The country does have fairly up-to-date gambling laws and a gambling commission. The National Gaming Control Board was created in and oversees terrestrial and online gaming licensees.

Pitcairn is the only inhabited island and has about 50 residents. The administrative headquarters for Pitcairn is located in Auckland New Zealand.

Samoa is volcanic island nation in the South Pacific situated between the far shores of New Zealand and Hawaii. There are four smaller islands off the coasts of the two main islands: There is an international airport on Upolu in the capital city of Apia.

A casino has been planned for Apia for several years following the opening of Samoa's first casino in Read more about gambling in Samoa in our gambling guide.

The nation's islands are scattered over about miles. Several active and dormant volcanoes can be found throughout the archipelago.

Two casinos can be found in the capital city of Honiara. To explore the casinos and learn more about gambling in the Solomon Islands see our gambling guide.

The tropical island territory comprises three coral atolls roughly midway between Hawaii and New Zealand and about miles north of Samoa.

Bring your own mattress. You will need special permission to visit the territory. There are no casinos in Tokelau.

While visiting Samoa to obtain permission to visit you can gamble at a Samoan casino. Tonga is a South Pacific Polynesian kingdom that encompasses over islands.

Fiji and Samoa are its most well-known neighbors within a thousand miles. Tonga bills itself as "The true South Pacific". Many of the islands are uninhabited and most are covered in tropical rain forests and lined with white sand beaches and coral reefs.

Current law prohibits casino development in Tonga but that has not stopped a group which includes American investors from presenting plans for a resort that would include a casino.

Tuvalu is an independent nation in the South Pacific, far off the coast of Australia. The combined area of the nation's 9 islands makes it the fourth smallest country in the world.

Considered part of the British Commonwealth, Tuvalu won independence in There are no casinos on any of the islands.

Navassa Island is located in the Caribbean Sea. Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean comprised of about 80 islands and which has casino gambling.

The capital is Port Vila and this is where the casinos are to be found. The local Bislama, French, and English are the official languages.

The main tourist attraction in Vanuatu is diving. The casinos here aren't large by Las Vegas standards, but they present an opportunity to gamble on table games and slot machines.

Grand Hotel and Casino Vanuatu is the most well-known casino with its seaside hotel. Jewel Casino Irikiri is also a nice place with access to Snorkeler's Cove.

Palms Casino offers lodging over the water at its Holiday Inn Resort. Club 21 Casino at The Melanesian offers blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and roulette.

For a complete description of gaming in Vanuatu please see our gambling guide. Wallis and Futuna is a French collectivity located in the South Pacific.

It is comprised of two archipelagoes - the Hoorn Islands and Wallis Islands, Futuna Island is part of the Hoorn archipelago as is the nearby uninhabited island of Alofi.

Wallis Island is surrounded by 15 smaller uninhabited islands. There are three ceremonial kingdoms: There is colorful lore as to why there are no people living on Alofi.

Law strictly prohibits gambling in Algeria. The casinos of Morocco would be a good alternative for the region. Colonized by the Portuguese, much of their culture remains in architecture, cuisine, religious institutions, and in the country's official language.

It is an oil producing nation with uneven wealth distribution. Although much of the country was devastated by a civil war that ended in , important infrastructure has been restored and Angola enjoys a brisk tourist trade based on natural scenery and exploration of the country's labyrinthine river system, waterfalls, and scenic coast.

About a dozen casinos can be found in Angola from the capital, Luanda to oceanside resorts. Okinawa governor wants US to know burden of hosting bases The bicultural governor of Japan's Okinawa island says he will meet with Americans next week to convey to them residents' frustration from hosting End of an era: UK air force to disband bomb disposal unit The unit was formed 75 years ago to disarm unexploded German bombs.

IS claims responsibility for Australia attack The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Australia that police say was linked to terrorism.

Hungary says EU's rule-of-law procedure deepens rift in bloc A senior Hungarian official says a European Union procedure launched against the country for allegedly undermining EU values and rule of law sharpens Powerful underwater quake off Norwegian Arctic island Norwegian officials say a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.

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Imelda Marcos convicted of graft, court orders her arrest Former first lady Imelda Marcos convicted in one of many corruption cases against her; she's likely to appeal to avoid jail and losing her seat in Germany's 2 department store chains get clearance to merge Germany's antitrust authority has cleared the planned merger of the country's two main department store chains, ruling that it doesn't threaten Austria says officer may have spied for Russia for decades Austria says a retired colonel in the country's military is suspected of having spied for Russia since the s.

Australia terror attack suspect shot dead A man accused of stabbing three people in Australia died after police shot him.

Melbourne police say they are treating knife attack in Australia's second-biggest city as a terrorism incident Melbourne police say they are treating knife attack in Australia's second-biggest city as a terrorism incident.

China auto sales fall in October, deepening slump China's auto sales sink in October for 4th month, falling 13 percent from a year ago.

Russia hosts meeting on Afghanistan Russia is hosting a conference on Afghanistan bringing together representatives of the Afghan authorities and the Taliban.

Merkel ally proposes Europe entry ban for serious crimes A close ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is proposing a life-long entry ban to Europe for asylum-seekers convicted of serious crimes.

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Vietnam and Cuba sign trade agreement, pledge to deepen ties The leaders of Vietnam and Cuba are pledging to deepen relations between two of the world's few remaining communist countries.

Chemical leak that sickened 52 in China nearly cleaned up Authorities say a chemical leak that sickened 52 people this week has nearly been cleaned up at a wharf in eastern China, though residents report Taliban attacks kill 10 troops, 7 policemen Afghan officials say Taliban attacks have killed at least 10 soldiers, 7 policemen in country's north, west.

Before scientific farming methods were widely adopted, erosion depleted vast tracts of land in these hills. Mississippi has many rivers, creeks, bayous, and other natural drainage networks.

These streams all empty into the gulf, either directly or through the Mississippi and other rivers. The growing season is long virtually year-round on the coast , precipitation is abundant, and extreme temperatures are unusual.

Snowfall is rare but does occur. The coastal area is subject to tropical cyclones hurricanes from June to October; in the cities of Gulfport and Biloxi were heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina , one of the strongest Atlantic storms on record.

The mild climate, long growing season, and plentiful rainfall provide Mississippi with a remarkable variety of plant and animal life.

Live oaks and several varieties of pines are characteristic of the southern counties, while fruit trees and hardwoods, such as oak and hickory , thrive in the north.

Magnolia and pecan trees are favourites throughout the state. More than half the land area is forested, and the state is studded throughout with many naturally occurring and cultivated flowers.

Opening land to farming and hunting reduced the once abundant wildlife drastically. Some animals, such as wolves and pumas cougars , are extinct in the state; bobcats are rare and bears even rarer.

Deer, however, are once again thriving, and the population of wild turkeys has increased significantly. The state has a variety of resident and migratory birds, including, among others, bald and golden eagles, many types of waterfowl and wading birds, and an array of warblers, woodpeckers, and hummingbirds.

Some game fish can be caught throughout the year, with catfish , bream, bass, and perch the leading freshwater species. The gulf is rich in shrimp, oysters, and fish, together forming the mainstay of an extensive commercial fishery.

Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans each constitute just a tiny fraction of the population, with Hispanics being the largest of the three groups.

The vast majority of Mississippians were born in-state, although in the late 20th century there was a wave of immigrants, mainly from Vietnam and India.

By the late 20th century, however, they had become a minority albeit a large one , owing primarily to a very high rate of out-migration.

Nevertheless, in the early 21st century Mississippi had a greater percentage of African American residents than did any other state.

The small Chinese population, concentrated mostly in the Delta, is descended from farm labourers brought there from California in the s.

The Chinese did not adjust well to the Mississippi plantation system, however, and most of them became small merchants. Much of the Native American population lives in the central section of the state.

The Roman Catholic population is concentrated in the urban centres and the southernmost areas, especially the coastal counties.

The small Jewish community is almost entirely urban. Almost every Mississippian speaks colloquially of the Delta and the adjacent North Central Hills or simply, the Hills , a highland region to the east; the Prairie comprising the Central and Black prairies , or the Black Belt; North Mississippi and the Northeast; the Piney Woods, or South Mississippi; and the Coast, to refer to the entire coastal area.

Geographers may speak of the Yazoo basin in the northwestern part of the state, but to the people of Mississippi it is the Delta , historically characterized by aristocratic plantation traditions and now a region of highly mechanized farming.

Many Delta families originally came from the Hills to the east, which also is an agricultural zone. Adjacent to the Hills, but with more-productive lands, the Prairie region reflects some of the ways and style of both the Hills and the Delta.

Northeast Mississippi developed as an area of small family farms and few plantations. What historians call the Piney Woods, covering most of the state south of Jackson, the people call South Mississippi.

Though settled early, this region did not prosper until the great virgin pine forests were exploited—and heavily reduced—in the early 20th century.

The area has continued to flourish, with most residents engaged in diverse agricultural activities, including forestry, cattle raising, and specialty farming, or in the rapidly expanding industrial and commercial sector.

The Coast is atypical of the state as a whole. Frequent movement by sharecroppers and tenant farmers from one farmstead to another was commonplace until the early 20th century.

Around the s the economic focus began to shift to the cities and towns, and, as it shifted, patterns of migration—and emigration—also changed; many Mississippians moved to less-rural regions in other states, and for a time emigration outweighed natural population growth.

About three-fourths of the white emigrants moved to other Southern states, whereas the same proportion of African American emigrants left the South entirely.

By the midth century, however, the surge of emigration had subsided, and the population again had begun to increase. Growth continued throughout the subsequent decades; it was accompanied by a slow but steady loss of farm population, a decline of smaller towns, and a significant expansion of cities settlements of more than 10, inhabitants.

Despite this rural-to-urban flow, there remained in the early 21st century no great extremes of population density within Mississippi.

Although there has been significant improvement in employment and compensation in Mississippi since the midth century, growth at the regional and national levels has been proportionately greater; consequently, in the early 21st century the state remained disadvantaged economically, with a per capita gross product that was among the lowest in the country.

The services sector has expanded particularly rapidly since the late 20th century. Lands in Mississippi that are unsuited to the cultivation of row crops are largely used for tree farms, orchards, or pastures.

The state maintains an intensive reforestation program to replace the trees that are harvested each year as part of its forestry industry.

Petroleum and natural gas account for the great bulk in volume and in value of all minerals produced in Mississippi. Iron has been mined intermittently since the late 19th century.

Aluminum ores are low in quality, and they have been little exploited. Hydroelectric power in smaller amounts is brought into Mississippi from Tennessee Valley Authority dams and through interconnections with power companies in other states.

A few private companies, numerous rural cooperatives, and several municipal generating systems are in operation.

Manufacturing continued to expand until the end of the 20th century, when, following national trends, it began to decline.

Pascagoula is the site of a major shipbuilding company. Mirroring the trend in many other states, the service sector in Mississippi has been on an upward swing since the late 20th century.

A particularly notable development in the sector has been the expansion of casinos. In the Mississippi legislature legalized dockside casino gambling along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River.

Casinos have since opened at various locations along the coast and in Natchez, Vicksburg, and Tunica county, which is one of the largest gaming markets in the United States.

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians also operates a casino on tribal lands near the town of Philadelphia.

The government is a major employer in Mississippi. Among the most prominent of the federal institutions is the John C.

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Western union near south point casino -

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